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Specialised House Cleaning

Are you looking for a reliable and highly experienced local cleaning company in Gold Coast for Residential cleaning? Seeking comprehensive, efficient, and affordable home cleaning services? Drop a note to Clean Gold CoastWe are one of the leading cleaning experts in the business.

Economic and Customer-Oriented House Cleaning

We are committed to helping busy individuals and families squeeze out more free time so they could focus more on their professional and personal life. And we do that by handling all their laborious domestic cleaning chores!

We know that the cleaning chores tend to pile up continuously, leaving you with more stress and less leisure. But when you leave it over to our efficient team of cleaners, you can have complete peace of mind.

We have been providing professional house cleaning on the Gold Coast for years. Our experienced cleaners clean each room of the house, serving all the cleaning chores you would rather avoid. If you can’t have time for another hour of vacuuming, ironing, cleaning or scrubbing, we can lend you a hand! You won’t want to miss our unmatched service in the business. Will you?

With years of experience, we know that every home is different and so are their cleaning requirements. While some need daily attention, some others can go weeks without needing even a vacuum. That is why at Clean Gold Coast, we offer a completely customisable service. Just call us whenever you need us and we will serve you as per your home cleaning requirements. Contact us to get a quote.

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Traits That Help Us Stand Out

Our residential cleaning service assures you of a great return on investment, unlike that of many other service providers in the business. We have all it takes to provide you with a satisfactory service at the most upfront pricing. And this is something that takes us on a different level altogether.

Why Choose Us

We provide our clients with ‘fully insured’ house cleaning services. And that is the key reason why you should decide on choosing us.

  • All Cleaning technicians are fully insured, licensed, background checked
  • We use bio-degradable, non-toxic and natural products for safe cleaning.
  • Our highly trained pro cleaners are courteous and highly experienced
  • Our equipment is carefully selected, modern, and well maintained
  • We consider your preferences, requirements, budget, & time constraints
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Our Specialties That Make the Difference

When you approach us, in the initial meetups, we always encourage ‘walk through’ in your place to be cleaned. This lets our experienced, well trained, and professional team assess the possible cleaning concerns that you might be facing. And this is just how we begin! Read our blogs to know more!

We employ High-quality cleaning equipment

We work only with best in class equipment to offer high-quality service every time. All our cleaners are trained to use state-of-the-art tools and we imply advanced cleaning techniques to add precision and acceleration to the job.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions

All our action plans for house cleaning are based on ‘environment-friendly’ chores. We always consider all sorts of hazards that deter environmental purity and then use cleaning products that are bio-degradable, non-toxic and natural. Check out our client’s reviews in this regard.

Experienced & Insured Cleaners

All our cleaners are licensed, experienced, knowledgeable and insured. We take a tailored approach for cleaning and we never take the same plan of action for two different projects.

Quality Guaranteed

At Clean Gold Coast, we take pride in doing a professional and thorough job. We consider quality control checks as well as customer surveys to ensure that the job is being carried out correctly and you are happy with every step.

Range of Cleaning Services

Our comprehensive house cleaning covers the cleaning of common areas including rooms Cleaning, stairs and fire escape routes Cleaning, Carpet steam cleaning, windows and glass doors cleaning, Hard floor treatments and more. Other cleaning services we offer are regular cleaning, Commercial cleaningend-of-leaseone-off cleaningoffice cleaning, etc.

Tailored Solution for Satisfaction

After assessing your place for cleaning we decide on the most feasible solutions. This allows us to design a plan of action after considering your preferences, requirements, budget, and time constraints.


Frequently Asked Questions

Well, this varies depending on your cleaning requirements and we prepare a quote accordingly. We take pride in providing a transparent and all-inclusive quote without adding any hidden fees.

You offer high-quality work by using premium and safe equipment and tools. We only use the most effective cleaning products while performing our services. We strictly use safe chemicals for great results, a safe environment, and for the safety of your employees and clients.

Yes. All our commercial cleaners are insured. You can rest assured that we are insured to protect you from any kind of damages or any accidents that might happen while we will be performing cleaning in your office premises.

All information that you provide us for cleaning commercial properties is kept confidential at all times.

A minimum of once a week is recommended for both home and office cleaning.

Yes. All our cleaners are recruited through a strict process. We heavily invest in our recruitment and performance management to assure you of safety and satisfaction.